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Welcome to Lovely Furry Beings: We breed and help our kittens find loving homes all over the United States.

Who We Are

Maine Coon

Lovely Furry Beings started as a small cattery. The main purpose is to help you to find a new family member.

Here you will be able to find purebreds such as Maine Coon and Ukrainian Levkoy. We take socializing our kittens very seriously to get them ready to cuddle with their new family.

Your furry friend is unique from day one. We breed all kittens in a warm domestic atmosphere, trying to teach them to be kind and loving. All our kittens come with vaccination records and microchips.

We offer Pick-up in the New York area. We also have a cabin pet nanny that can fly with the kitten to anywhere in the USA.

Our Cats

Happy Families 

Phone Number

+1 (203) 635-3731

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